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In the development of large-scale projects, success is determined by the precision with which work is done and the constructive consideration of architectural priorities. We have worked on equipment of all kinds for major architects such as Agence TER, DND Architectes, MCBAD Architectes, ATSP - Tom Sheehan, Maupin y Flechet, KUBOTA & BACHMANN, INTERSTICE, DAAP Architectes, ARQM... designing structures that reinforce the architectural intentions of the building.

Health, education, recreation, supply, sports, culture, security, administration and public services buildings. Each one needs to transmit a different symbology. The construction and structure of the building ensure the resistant function, and at the same time serve the expression of its architectural qualities and intentions.

Equipment, a change of scale

What do we do


In buildings with a very defined intention, as is the case with equipment, it is necessary that the presence of the structure reinforces those values, that it disappears where necessary, and that it reinforces the image of the architecture.

For example, the structure of the Olympic Stadium in Oran, in Algeria, is a metal structure that is woven like a structural basket that avoids the arrangement of seismic joints on the perimeter due to the inclination of the trusses of the envelope that surround it in the shape of cross the entire surface. In this way, seismic loads and delayed deformations go directly to the foundation, making seismic and expansion joints unnecessary. The structural design reflects the dynamism that a stadium requires and shows the desire to be a meeting place through the drawing of the basket-shaped surrounding structure.

The symbology of the structure
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