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Design at all scales is a fundamental element to understand our work. The importance we give to details within the projects we work on, as well as facing the challenges between form and function that design implies, are daily keys in our work.

At FVAI, interest in design has been a priority since its creation. The fact that Begoña Sáiz is a partner in the company is due to the fact that we have always carried out work in relation to the design of furniture, street furniture and other structures that have a smaller or singular scale.

From our uniqueness as architects, engineers and designers, we create furniture and structural systems in which form is function. We put design at the service of utility, linking the function of the furniture with the functionality of its structure, seeking an optimization of the material that generates visual lightness.

Design from the beginning

What do we do


When designing furniture, we seek the fusion between functionality, materials and structure, creating unique elements. The S8 shelving system is generated from subtraction. No element is left over, no matter is redundant. The structure of the furniture is based on a Utility Model of structural towers that we registered years ago. The assembly resists vertically through alternately folded steel sheet supports that collaborate in pairs to carry the vertical loads to the ground. These folds ensure rigidity against lateral actions.

The result is a new type of shelving that adapts to any environment thanks to its slenderness and constructive sincerity.

In design we use our knowledge of architecture and structures in the same way as in our architectures and structures: the design of each detail is important in itself and in the intentions of the whole

Design at the service of functionality
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