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Bridges are unique constructions with great importance both in urban flow and in the experience of continuity with the routes and meaning of each place.

Our work on bridge and walkway projects focuses on expressing the function and symbolism of each space, minimizing the use of materials and applying appropriate technical solutions so that the structural function becomes the architectural and symbolic function of the bridge.

Bridges and walkways
Bridges in continuity with the landscape

What do we do


In choosing the structural system of the Santa Cruz de Campezo walkway, priority has been given to the use of sustainable materials and the landscape integration of the walkway into its environment dominated by the horizontality of the landscape.

It is a wooden walkway with tau-shaped steel piles. The union between the wood and the steel is an elastic embedment that ensures the rigidity of the assembly against gravitational actions, wind and vibrations; while having the necessary flexibility to breathe in the face of thermal variations.

Each material contributes and expresses its qualities, generating a hybrid structure in which the steel provides rigidity in the nodes on supports; and the wood, despite having a visually more important edge, provides lightness and a reduction in the structure's own weight. The structural and material functioning is the architectural expression of the whole.

The expression of matter
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