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Structural rehabilitation requires very significant rigor and knowledge of resistant mechanisms. The building must be adequately characterized for the purposes of its foundation and resistant systems, to ensure that the new building improves the behavior of the complex with respect to the previous one and complies with current regulatory requirements.

Building rehabilitation

What do we do


The needs implied by the creation of new uses in an existing building imply that openings have to be made in floors, walls or facades; Sometimes it is even necessary to lower the foundation or narrow concrete pillars by replacing them with steel pillars, as is the case in the parking lot of the Olympia theater in Paris.

Or create a new basement to carry out at the same time the raising with a metal structure and the excavation of this new basement as in the offices on Rue Renaudes in Paris; even eliminating a floor by reinforcing the entire structure under it, as in the Mango store in Ibiza; We have also eliminated pillars on the ground floor of a building by means of reinforcement with a metal porch and a structural adjustment operation with hydraulic jacks in the case of the Castelldefells sports center.

The complexity in rehabilitation and renovation
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