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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Xàbia, Alicante


Xàbia City Council




Remodeling of Reina Sofía Park and Xátiva Square

Design and writing of the Execution Project.



The action consists of the total renovation of the children's play area, the implementation of a bio-healthy activity area, and the placement of a sports court. In addition, a board game area (ludo and chess) is included and will be covered with a pergola for shading with a longitudinal bench.

The perimeter hedge that prevents visibility of the park from the outside will be eliminated, a new fence of unique design will be placed with gates at the entrances to be able to close the park at night.

The design of the children's play area is carried out around the theme “SEVEN SEAS” and has been chosen by the Consell de Xiquets i Xiquetes.

The action will mainly consist of the creation of three different areas: a large children's play area, a play area for early years and an area for bio-healthy activities. To free up the entire space of the park and give prominence to the central tree, which gives it a unique character, the demolition of the two planters perpendicular to the perimeter wall will be carried out.

The new fencing designed by FVAI will be placed on the existing wall to provide transparency to the square through frames up to 8m long that frame the views and set a generous rhythm in the routes. The design of the park is carried out around the theme “COUNT OF FADES” which has been selected by the “Consell de Xiquets i Xiquetes” of Xabia.

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