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Evry and Parinor, France






Aerial beacon

60 m high structure that can transport up to 12 passengers.

Complex structures


The Aerofaro is a 60 meter high tower with a 10 meter diameter balloon that can transport up to 12 passengers at a height of 50 meters. It is an invention patented by AEROPHILE that offers a new look at the city and becomes an unprecedented tourist attraction, similar to those of amusement parks but adapted to the city center. The structure has been made of steel, in the form of a double helix that intersects and in which the pitch increases with height.

This fact allows the density of the material to be adapted to the efforts of the wind and the passengers, creating a rhythm and a certain kinetic effect. The sections have been optimized to avoid buckling of the structure and the assembly. The tubes have been curved and joined in order to follow the revolution of the propellers, minimizing continuity joints. The joints have been studied to ensure complete disassembly of the structure.

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