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Laredo Torres

Teruel, Spain


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Rehabilitation as a conservatory and Cultural Center of the Asilo San José

Structural reinforcement of the foundation and design of the façade supporting structure



THE PROJECT. The old San Jose asylum is rehabilitated through this project to offer a new cultural space to the city. As a requirement of the intervention, as many elements as possible have been preserved, mainly the main façade.

FVAI's main work has been in the execution phase, designing the supporting structures necessary to stabilize the existing façade in the construction phase and reinforcing the foundation to assume the new loads derived from its use. In addition, various optimization tasks have been carried out on the structure proposed in the execution project.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. The intervention in the foundation has been carried out through the use of micropiles. The main complexity of the intervention was not to damage the existing elements during the construction phase and the final phase. For this purpose, the existing façade has been shored up in a provisional phase.
Regarding the new structures of the conservatory, an expert assessment of the existing structure has been carried out and the elements in which an advanced state of deterioration was observed have been functionally replaced. In addition, the conservatory roof has been sized through the use of solid wood beams.

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