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S. Maupin, B. Fléchet

Paris France


S. Maupin, B. Fléchet




Cultural Center of Judaism in Paris

It is a cultural building that allows a wide variety of uses



THE PROJECT. The town hall is a cultural center that allows a large number of uses: meetings, religious ceremonies and restaurants. It is a reinforced concrete building with a metal skin.
The building has 3 clearly differentiated volumes. The main volume corresponds to the synagogue, this volume is connected to the other two volumes that consist of two towers of 5 and 8 floors.
FVAI has carried out the entire structural project from its design to its execution, going through all the phases of the project.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. The foundation is made using piles twenty meters deep.
The vertical structure of the building consists of concrete pillars and walls, some of them prefabricated, and formwork specially developed to give the diamond shape to the façade of the worship area. Horizontally, the structure is made up of dropped concrete beams on which prestressed pre-slabs are supported with a layer of concrete poured “in situ”.
As unique elements, it is worth highlighting the deep wall beam that allows the 20 meters of span of the synagogue roof to be resolved.

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