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MCBAD Architectes

Paris France






ZAC Porte Pouchet Social and Cultural Center

Public building of 550 m2. Steel structure and stainless steel facade.



The structure of the building is coupled to the unique envelope in the simplest way possible. The building is made up of the twinning of three volumes that intersect irregularly. The structure of the structure adapts to this artifact without using expansion joints. The structure is a set that resists horizontal forces through transverse frames and longitudinal stiffening panels through inclined bars, rigid knots and San Andrés crosses.

These two bracing systems are coupled as it is not a rectangular structure, so the rigidities are calibrated to optimally share the displacements through a parametric study of the position of the bracing elements. The envelope is complex both in its geometry and in its materiality: the curtain wall facades are combined with a double metal skin, the inner skin ensures the thermal and sealing functions; The stainless steel exterior skin gives a finish that reflects the park that surrounds the building.

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