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Philippe Gil

Noisy-Le-Grand, France






Office building in Noisy-Le-Grand

2100 m2 building with concrete structure.



In the project of the building on Rue des Artisans in Noisy-le-Grand, our task has been to make simple the complexity generated by the client's conditions. The structure of the building responds to project requirements in which the functions of the building are defined in an atypical way: Indeed, the basement parking is planned for large vehicles, the ground floor is very open, and on the upper floors There are highly compartmentalized office areas.

To avoid the use of long-span structural elements such as prestressed hollow core slabs and economically optimize the building, a complex structure of columns and hanging beams with a series of pillar supports is proposed. The interior walls are made of concrete and the facades are configured with concrete block to combine economy and technical efficiency.

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