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LIC Levantina, Engineering and Construction, S.L.




New PIF building at El Prat Airport in Barcelona

A study of structural alternatives to the original project has been carried out to simplify the execution of the building.



THE PROJECT. The new Border Inspection building (PIF) located at Barcelona's El Prat airport is planned on a single ground floor level. In plan, the building has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 102.20x19.75 m, where 2 expansion joints are planned that divide the building into 3 isolated units. The roof is proposed to be flat and passable, allowing it to house installation equipment.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. The study carried out consists of proposing, as an alternative to the original structural project, prefabricated concrete elements (pillars and slabs) that allow reducing construction times as well as simplifying the planned execution work. Likewise, a study is also carried out to change the typology of the foundation, specifically footings with foundation wells are proposed instead of the piles proposed in the project. This proposal lies in the simplicity of execution as well as the economic savings that this entails.

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