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Elche, Spain


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Elche AVE station

Execution project of the metal structure of the building and the canopies of the Elche AVE station.



The work we carried out at the Elche AVE station and its platforms has consisted of the verification, optimization and simplification of the metal structure of the main building and the canopies. The structure of the station is metallic and is made up of lattice beams in the highest part and edge beams in the commercial and technical area. Our intervention consisted of redoing the execution project of the structure, in which we introduced connectors to generate composite beams to reduce the amounts of steel.

We also redesigned the distribution of horizontal rigidities and the connection with the construction elements in contact with the station to optimize the seismic behavior of the complex by arranging a series of bracing elements and distributing the horizontal loads in a more symmetrical way. With our intervention we achieved a reduction in the weight of the metal carpentry of more than 30% and significantly improved the behavior of the assembly in the event of a potential earthquake.

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