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Tom Sheehan - ATSP

Algiers, Algeria


Wilaya of Algiers




Algiers Stadium

Metal roof and façade structure. Concrete structures.

Complex structures


The Algerian capital is going to be equipped with a new sports complex. Multifunctional. The football stadium can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators, allowing the organization of important international, sporting and cultural events. Its curves reaffirm it as a unique building, perfectly identifiable in the city. As often happens in a stadium of this importance, the main problem of the structure lies mainly in the roof, with spans of more than 200 m.

In this case, it is a challenge strengthened by the dynamic accelerations due to the seismicity of Algiers. Four curved steel beams, in a lattice of variable inertia, allow the transmission of loads on the four piers that make the formal cut of the stands on the short sides of the stadium. The project is topped by an immense floating plate that surpasses the stands above. This roof provides the stadium with a fifth façade as if it were an eye open on the Algiers sky.

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