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Margarita Marquis Ley

Elche, Alicante


C+G Technique




Expansion of the surgical block of the Elche hospital

This is the expansion and renovation of the surgical block of the Elche hospital



THE PROJECT. The expansion of the surgical block of the Elche Hospital consists of the creation of two new floors on top of the existing ones that house new operating rooms and changing rooms. Specifically, a third floor will be created with an area of approximately 3,800m2, which will house new operating rooms. The fourth floor, with a surface area of about 600m2, mainly has changing rooms and offices. The new building is proposed to be totally independent in structural terms with respect to the existing surgical block.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. This extension is conceived as a bridge building with a metal structure formed by transverse porticos over the existing building. The metal structure is joined together by the slabs in 3 independent blocks separated by expansion joints.
The two lateral blocks are resolved by main porticos, located every 8.00m, formed by pillars and steel lattice beams that span 32m. The slabs are proposed as a collaborative sheet supported on mixed belts located every 4.00m. The central block is resolved by a framework of porticos in both directions.

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