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Tom Sheehan - ATSP

Algiers, Algeria






Ben Aknoun Sports Palace

Multipurpose room with sliding roof, with a mixed metal and wood structure, covered with a titanium skin.

Complex structures


The technical complexity of this project is put at the service of architectural wills; in particular the desire for the structure to trace the non-adjustable geometry of the building envelope. The use of recent technologies has made it possible to respect the many requirements of the project. The complex-looking geometry allows the integration of a retractable and translucent cover, made up of several metal arches covered in polycarbonate.

The main structure of the building is mixed metal and wood semi-arches that are supported by four metal boxes of variable height. The casing is covered with a titanium skin for reasons of durability and thermal stability. The building's enclosure system is inspired by the wooden slats of traditionally built boats.

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