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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Santa Cruz de Campezo Álava


Santa Cruz de Campezo City Council


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Pedestrian walkway

280 meter long walkway with 20 meter spans.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


The Santa Cruz de Campezo walkway is a pedestrian and cyclist connection that connects the Berguilla urbanization with the urban center of the council, facilitating pedestrian traffic between both residential centers.
The new walkway is a connection that emphasizes the continuity of the functional route to adapt to the existing geography through a light, clean image that is materialized through steel and wood elements seeking to achieve both a light visual solution and a materiality that optimizes economy. of construction and the ecological footprint of the work.

In the choice of the structural system, among other aspects, economy, optimization of materials, the use of local materials, correct structural functioning and landscape integration have been taken into account.
The structural behavior is that of simple frames, articulated at the base to obtain great rigidity to the whole without transmitting considerable forces to the ground. This system has been created through the joint operation of steel and wood.

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