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FVAI/Francisco Valiente

Ciempozuelos, Madrid


Ciempozuelos City Council


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Pedestrian walkway

Bow-string type steel arch walkway with a span of 20 m

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. The new Ciempozuelos walkway is a pedestrian connection on the M-404 regional highway that connects the center of Ciempozuelos and the Los Huertecillos Industrial Estate. The rest of the conditioning and urbanization works in its immediate surroundings are also contemplated.
A connection is created that emphasizes the continuity of the functional route through a light image that serves as both an entry signal and a reference in the route. The central arch plays the role of a singular element that marks the entrance to Ciempozuelos.

THE CONSTRUCTION PROCESS. A process has been planned that allows the different phases of manufacturing, transportation, placement and execution to overlap so that the project can be executed in less than 4 months without sacrificing its visual result.
The crossing structure has been resolved by the provision of a bow-string type steel arch with a span of 20 m that rests on the corbels of the side porches. The central arches open slightly outwards, with respect to the vertical. The arch is joined to the deck by means of steel hangers that serve as support for the handrail and protection barriers.

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