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Evry, France


AFTRP - Municipal Council in Evry




Footbridge in Evry

70 m long walkway, built by a bundle of tubes working on a Vierendeel beam.

Complex structures


In Evry, the unique structures constitute a great reference in the public space, since the flows of pedestrians and cars are separated here. From the beginning we worked with the requirement to reduce the risk of objects falling on vehicles passing under the walkway. The synthesis of architectural desires and technical demands has led us to a metallic structure that defines a virtual volume that surrounds pedestrians with a transparency and dynamism that manages to avoid any sensation of enclosure.

The volume created allows the integration of anti-vandalism protections on both sides of the walkway and lighting on the upper part. The supporting structure is made up of a bundle of tubes of variable thickness that describe the rotation of the DNA along the path of the walkway. The tubes and transverse frames constitute a beam without diagonals that resists in combination with the structure under the deck in the overall geometry.

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