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FVAI/Francisco Valiente

Torrelavega, Cantabria


Torrelavega Town Hall




Walkway in Torrelavega

Pedestrian bridge over riverbed.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. This project is integrated into the environmental recovery actions of the Saja-Besaya Corridor as it passes through the city of Torrelavega, promoted by the City Council of
this city.
The new walkway is a unique, elegant and functional structure,
in contact with an environment of great natural and landscape wealth,
which serves as a pedestrian link between Antonio Bartolomé Suárez Street and the left bank of the Saja River, thus allowing the enjoyment of the Saja-Besaya Corridor as it passes through the city of Torrelavega.

THE STRUCTURAL SOLUTION. We minimize concrete structures by using them exclusively for piers and foundations.
The walkway is integrated into nature, escaping the language of ordinary road bridges through a structural design
very sincere that pursues integration with the landscape through
transparency of a structure drawn with intense attention to
Our project minimizes the visual impact of the walkway on the landscape by using a structural system that allows for notable transparency. The bridge is generated in relation to the density of the landscape.

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