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FVAI/Francisco Valiente

Molina de Segura, Murcia


Molina de Segura Town Hall


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Pedestrian walkway

Orthotropic box and lateral beam with spans of 40 meters.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. The walkway is located in the municipality of Molina de Segura (Murcia). The design of the walkway and access ramps aims to connect the center of this town with the northwest greenway in contact with the orchard and the Segura River, in addition to creating a relevant urban area that serves to improve pedestrian and cyclist circulation. whenever quality green spaces are generated that improve the daily lives of the inhabitants, promoting coexistence.

THE STRUCTURAL SYSTEM. A metal board is proposed consisting of a lower and upper sheet connected by stiffeners. On one side, a box beam is proposed that offers a resistant L-shaped section, allowing the material to be optimized in an extraordinary way since the board works together with the vertical box, which gives it great rigidity. From an aesthetic point of view, the variable section and the orientation of the gaze towards the Segura and the Huerta are very relevant aspects of this solution.

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