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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Puçol, Valencia


Puçol Town Hall




New Puçol Arch Bridge

It is an urban bridge, on the border between the city and the orchard. The bridge has a span of 30 m and a main arch height of 8 meters.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


The objective of FVAI is to create a new structure that is easy to read and integrated with the landscape.
It is an urban bridge, on the border with the orchard and the field, over a river torrent with particular water flow section conditions. For this reason we chose a structure greater than the scale of the place. The bridge has a span of 30 m and a main arch height of 8 meters to optimize weight and to have dimensions in the logical sequence of the present architecture.
All elements of the bridge have a resistant function that results in the uniqueness of the structure.

The aesthetic result is actually a structural artifice: we use two arches that work together to reduce weight, creating a very unique and rational bridge. Each load-bearing side is composed of two arches joined by a steel membrane: a main vertical arch that works optimally in the face of vertical loads of self-weight and regulatory overloads of vehicles and pedestrians; and an inclined secondary arch that limits the buckling in the transverse plane of the main arch through the metal membrane that warps to better block the forces.

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