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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Alcoy, Alicante


Alcoy City Council




Alcoy Bridge

Road bridge over the Barranco del Cint.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


The bridge over the Barranco del Cint is an urban structure, elegant and functional, in contact with an environment of great natural and landscape wealth, which serves as a link between the city of Alcoy and the Solana-Serelles residential area, at the foot of the Mariola Mountains. The bridge will also serve to facilitate access from the José Trenzano Alós municipal swimming pool to the natural areas of the Sierra de Mariola surrounding the Barranco del Cint.

Our project minimizes the visual impact of the bridge by placing the structure under the deck. It relates to the environment in a friendly way, it is a very simple and clear operating structure. The bridge is generated in relation to the density of the landscape, the horizon does not appear since it is the mountains that frame it.
We chose a multi-arch structure (4 arches) based on a multitude of criteria, mainly two of them: the ease of assembly involved in working with small-sized elements, and the visual transparency it provides to the whole.

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