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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Bernardos, Segovia


Segovia Provincial Council




Bridge over the Eresma River

Mixed steel girder bridge.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. The new bridge makes it possible to functionally replace the existing bridge. The project incorporates a geometric adaptation of the road and considerably increases the shoulders. In addition to improving the road safety of the highway, the slenderness of the structure guarantees that the new bridge does not have a great visual impact and dialogues with both the old bridge and the surrounding landscape. The old bridge becomes a pedestrian route that allows you to contemplate the surroundings of the river.

THE STRUCTURAL SOLUTION. It is this mesh pitch that defines the edge of the deck, which is also sufficient for the structure of a reinforced concrete bridge-slab. This solution combines construction economy and durability in a very high humidity environment. The biggest drawback for this type of bridge is the slenderness of the deck and its integration into the landscape. To improve its visual slenderness we have integrated the railing into the edge of the board.

The design of the uprights and the continuous stainless steel mesh have helped reduce the visual impact of the solution. To achieve a more dynamic integration with the environment, we have extended curved and variable-height sidewalks on both ends. In this way, the reading of the bridge approaches that of a living element that is reinforced by the curved outline of the structure.

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