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FVAI/Francisco Valiente

Xàbia, Alicante


Alicante City Council




Triana Bridge

It is a road bridge next to the sea made of prestressed concrete and a 43 m span wooden walkway.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. The New Triana Bridge is located in the continuity of the Mediterranean avenue, next to the sea. FVAI has made an effort of minimalism and respect for the natural context, choosing to locate the trough beam structure in the central part of the deck, visually separated by a two and a half meter cantilever on which the sidewalks are located. The complexity of this project lies in the definition of a very simple structure, which is understood with the cross section of the bridge and which relates in a discreet and elegant way to the landscape and the promenade.

STRUCTURE AND DESIGN. We have proposed a slender lower structure with a double prestressed concrete box. The choice of concrete reduces the maintenance requirements of the bridge and ensures its durability in proximity to the sea.

The relationship between the flooring and the concrete structure and the design of the railings are elements that seek an unusual visual slenderness, in a work in which the details are essential to bring the nautical spirit to the limit between the city and the sea.

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