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FVAI / Francisco Valiente

Gijon, Spain


Gijón City Council




Bridge in Gijón

Curved road bridge over riverbed.

Bridges, walkways and civil works


THE PROJECT. The curved bridge over a riverbed is located in a park bordering the city of Gijón. The project foresees the replacement of the current bridge, of insufficient width for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians, with a new structure.

THE STRUCTURAL SOLUTION. The bridge structure must ensure the continuity of a large number of existing buried distribution networks. It is this pitch of networks that defines the edge of the deck, which is also sufficient for the structure of a reinforced concrete bridge-slab. This solution combines construction economy and durability in a very high humidity environment. The biggest drawback for this type of bridge is the slenderness of the deck and its integration into the landscape. To improve its visual slenderness we have integrated the railing into the edge of the board.

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