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Agence TER Paysagistes Urbanistes

Quimper, Brittany


Agence TER Paysagistes Urbanistes




Planning of the new Quimper Multimodal Station

Calculation and structural design of the housing and commercial complex.

Complex structures


THE PROJECT. The project consists of the planning of the new Quimper intermodal station. The new station is an urban transport node for the entire city where a bus station, taxi service and a railway station coexist. With this action, accessibility is improved and a new urban park is created.

FVAI has carried out the calculation and structural design of 3 buildings located in the intervention area: the bus station and the “Maison des mobilités” made with wooden and steel structures and a technical kiosk made with a reinforced concrete structure.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. The most unique element of the project is the bus station canopy. The geometric complexity of the project has been simplified through the use of UPN profiles joined by the webs at different angles using intermediate stiffeners, in this way each UPN has its upper flange at an inclination parallel to the corresponding roof skirt. The space between the UPNs is intended to house water and electricity installations and conduits.
The deck skirts are made of CLT supported on the purlins. These CLTs are protected by a top zinc coating.

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