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Salvador Gilabert Sanz

Cabanyal, Valencia


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Rehabilitation of l'Escorxador in the Cabanyal neighborhood

The project consists of the rehabilitation of a building located in the Cabanyal neighborhood



THE PROJECT. The proposed rehabilitation and expansion of the Escorxador building, in the Cabañal neighborhood (Valencia) consists of the construction of a new block attached to the existing building and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the interior floors. The façade must be preserved due to its historical character.

THE STRUCTURAL ARTIFICE. The new construction is made up of 2 floors (PB+1) with an area of 67m2 per floor and a floor at the entrance to the existing building from Lluis Despuig street with an area of 17 m2. The structural typology adopted in the new block is a solid slab supported on existing and new solid brick masonry walls. The condition of the existing walls is of vital importance, which must be restored to guarantee their resistance as structural elements. In the interior slab, the solid slab system supported by masonry walls and a metal porch has been used.

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