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Sebastian Carlier

Meaux, France


Sebastian Carlier


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Building Rehabilitation in Meaux

The project proposes a series of actions to recover the structural capacity of the complex.



THE PROJECT. It is a building with a ground floor plus a standard floor and an attic that presents structural imbalances such as cracks and fissures in concrete walls and in which a possible fire has also occurred that has caused significant damage to the wooden structural elements.
The project proposes a series of actions that allow the structural capacity of the complex to be recovered as well as to resolve the new loads to which it will be subjected.

THE STRUCTURAL SOLUTION. The structural actions proposed in the building are:
New foundation pits under the existing footings that allow reaching the competent stratum and thus solve the current problem of differential settlements that has caused the appearance of fissures and cracks in the existing concrete walls.
Steel reinforcement in the supports of the existing wooden beams
Bracing profiles on the interior perimeter of the walls on the first floor and attic
Repair of fissures and cracks in load-bearing walls
Reinforcement of the wooden structure that forms the cover

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