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Ruiz Barbarín Architects

Madrid Spain






Student Residence in Madrid

Rehabilitation of a 9000 m² building



The project consists of the rehabilitation of a building of approximately 9,000 m2 spread over 3 basement floors, ground floor, 7 upper floors, roof and caissons. Basements 2 and 3 are used for parking areas, in basement 1 there are various uses such as kitchen, gym, laundry area and technical rooms. The cafeteria and dining room of the residence are located on the ground floor, the use of the first floor is divided between study rooms and bedrooms. The use of the rest of the floors that make up the building is residential.

In plan, the building has a rectangular shape with dimensions of approximately 45x34 m2. The west-facing façade presents a series of setbacks that give it a certain discontinuity, the largest of them is located in the southern part of said façade, the rest of the façades are uniform straight. In the center of the building there is a light patio measuring 5x13 m2. Currently the building is the subject of a Renovation and Interior Reconditioning Project for the insertion of the university hall of residence.

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