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Leo Berellini

Paris France


Mission Populaire Evangelique de France




Grenelle Residence in Paris, France

Renovation of a 140 m² building, with materials used in their raw and natural state

Complex structures


The large room of the Grenelle residence is part of the complex built in 1887. This room is today used to host parties, assemblies and markets, as well as social and cultural activities fundamentally linked to the identity of the Popular Protestant Mission. The renovation project, which must respond to security and storage organization requirements, preserves the original structure juxtaposing contemporary architectural elements, sources of lightness and well-being. An entrance hall was necessary: a full-height wooden door intersects with a glass box. A second mezzanine level offers an increase in surface area and overhangs the lobby. This mezzanine is supported by two slender pillars of 80 mm diameter and two transverse beams. The slab is collaborative with concrete poured on its upper face, the sides narrow to 40 mm, the railing is composed of very thin metal profiles. The carpentry is graphically distinguished without competing with the place and makes a formal intersection with a luminous white glass box. The accordion-shaped doors offer the possibility of completely opening the space or separating the chairs and tables. The simplicity of the project is translated into the choice of materials, intentionally used in their raw and natural state.

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