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Tom Sheehan - ATSP

Algiers, Algeria


BNP Paribas




BNP Paribas Headquarters

8-story office building.



The BNP Paribas headquarters project in Algiers is decidedly forward-looking, as it is the first building in Algeria to integrate European environmental quality criteria.

Numerous iterations between structure, thermal and façade engineering have been necessary to complete the demands raised, also considering the strong seismicity on the structure and the needs for flexibility in the design of the work spaces.

The facades integrate a VEP type skin, with inclusions of enamelled panels. The complex is supported by a mixed structure, with a façade composed of steel pillars and brick fillings.

The structural, as well as thermal and acoustic, optimization ensures that the complex is environmentally sustainable, combining construction and maintenance economy; and ensuring the quality of use.

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